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It has been clearly established that good lighting has a positive effect on the occupants of a building,” Richard Heinisch, a member of the Standard 189.1 committee, said. “Or, looking at it from the opposite direction, when occupants are dissatisfied with their lighting, this can increase absenteeism and employee turnover which, in turn, decreases the sustainability of the enterprise. Any building, and particularly a high-performance building, should address issues of lighting quality (including visual acuity, task performance, visual comfort, health, safety and aesthetic judgment) so as to enhance the comfort and productivity of its occupants.

Craig DiLouie is up with this post over at the LightNow blog. This is very important first step in bringing lighting quality into the equation when it comes to green building standards. While I welcome examination of this issue, I worry about any qualitative assessment of lighting design becoming part of ASHRAE. Prescriptive items such as the need to light white boards (mentioned in the post) create a slippery slope. 

In the end, shouldn’t we be promoting the services of Lighting Designers, instead of trying to prescribe good lighting through codes?

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