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BlogTour London Day 2: 100% Design, Amtico, Lapicida, And So To Bed

100% Design

We were warned on Day 1 of BlogTour that there was too much to do and see to possibly see everything in a week. After just one day, it’s becoming clear that’s the case. We started our day being carried off to 100% Design. Not having been to the festival before, it was great to get a sense for the reboot they’ve undergone in the last year to make the show a more designed experience. As you can image I took a roughly speaking 1.7 million photos and I won’t have enough time this morning to go through all of them. But as I tweeted yesterday, what becomes immediately striking about lighting fixture design here in Europe versus what is typically seen in the US is boldness. European designers do not fear risk in their fixture design. Of course not every fixture was a bold departure from convention, but many were an attempt, and all said something unique. 

From beautifully crafted glass fixtures to stunningly retro task lighting, there were some amazing pieces. I’ll have to do a longer post dedicated to the European versus American approach to fixture design, but in the mean time. Head over to my tumblr and you’ll find lots and lots of photos of some of the amazing fixtures I found on the floor of 100% Design.

More photos of what I saw at 100% Design here and here and here. (whew)

Amtico - Who Knew Vinyl Flooring Could be such a game changer

After a jaunt through the Knoll Blogger’s lounge, we went over and visited the booth at Amtico. Amtico is doing some amazing things with Vinyl flooring including custom finishes that create the look of wood, stone and natural materials. You can even use a custom photograph as a pattern for your flooring. When I can get back to the states I’ll be doing a post on the importance of reflectivity when choosing a vinyl floor like Amtico’s. In terms of lighting what will sell a vinyl floor as wood or stone is how it reflects light. That reflectivity and finish will help finish the look of your floor and make it feel like a natural choice. 

Lapicida and the Beauty of Natural Stone

As designers we’d all been to showrooms and some are more beautiful than others. I can personally say no showroom I’d even been in was more amazing that the brand new Lapicida showroom we visited yesterday. Full of custom-sourced as well as reclaimed stone from all over the world, the showroom was filled with truly stunning examples of what Lapicida is capable of as artists and procurers of stone. Walking their showroom was a real experience, how often can you say that?

One of the reasons the showroom was so brilliant, other than the amazing products, of course, was the pitch-perfect lighting design of Sally Storey. She is one of the UK’s most renowned lighting designers and it’s safe to say one of the globe’s truly amazing designers. The smart attention to every detail of how the showroom was lit cast each piece of stone a brilliant light releasing it’s texture and revealing the natural beauty of the stone. I will certainly be doing a more in depth post on the lighting at Lapicida but head here to see more photos in the mean time. 

More photos of the Lapicida Showroom here.

And So To Bed

I love a good bed (who doesn’t really?) and so when we headed to And So To Bed for a showroom visit, some champagne and some mattress testing (you can imagine the jokes) I was thrilled. Not only does And So To Bed sell some of the most amazing bed frames I’ve ever seen. They also partner with Vi-Spring to sell the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever laid on. 

More Photos of And So To Bed’s Showroom here

The visit inspired me to think about some bedroom lighting tips that will iron out and share here after the whirlwind of BlogTour dies down and I’m home again. What’s that three posts I’ve promised now?

One of the most amazing things about BlogTour is that it gotten me thinking about lighting in context of the rest of the design interior world. That might sound silly, but when you consult on a specific thing as I do, it’s easy to become focused solely on lighting when in reality lighting is only effective as part of a larger design scheme. A day like yesterday provides thrilling inspiration for me and has gotten me thinking about lighting from a fresh angle. Day three promises to be no less inspiring. 

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