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To be fair, the so-called “Climate Change Rowhouse,” with its recycled tilework inspired “in part by 18th-century Portuguese facade work” and in part by clouds, is not everyone’s style. I paid a visit to Long Island City to see it for myself, and let’s just say I didn’t have any trouble finding it. But if I’d managed to design a house that used about 95 percent energy for heating and cooling than traditional homes, and which boasted a green roof and a solar powered water heater to boot, I’d want to be loud about it, too.

In Defense of the Ugliest House in Queens

For the record, I’ve lived in Queens my entire life and there are far uglier houses. 

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Dear Ginza Building by Amano Design Office (via contemporist)

So I think there are two design features here to take note of…

  1. The way natural light is filtered through the “skin” of the building. That isn’t an after thought, it’s inherent to the design and beauty of the building. 
  2. The lighted forms within the building itself. 

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