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What Amazing Lighting From #BlogTourLDN

I put together a little Storify of some of the best lighting of Blog Tour London. I experiences some amazing lighting when I had my turn in London last year and it seems that this year’s London crew saw just as many amazing things as I did. The European market of lighting fixtures is a bold dynamic one where design is elevated. Here in America we could learn a little bit from the amazing design on display in London. 

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My Love Note To #BlogTour

This week the folks at Modenus announced the crew for BlogTourNYC. I thought I’d take this occasion to explain (quickly) why BlogTour is awesome and why I think it represents a big piece of the future of the design business. ​

First thing you should know - BlogTour is Awesome. ​

Design is All About Experience

We can all look at catalogs, read press releases and visit company websites but what matters is the personal reaction a designer has to a product or space. BlogTour doesn’t give you one design blogger’s perspective it provides 10 or 15 of the most influential design bloggers in the world talking about their amazing experiences all over the globe.  

​BlogTour wakes up a designer’s senses.

When I was invited to BlogTourLDN my creative gas tank was on “E” and I needed a recharge. I live in NY, the design capital of the United States. I see an amazing skyline everyday, I have access to global culture, none the less, like every other designer hustling to keep the lights on, I run out of inspiration.  BlogTour London re-awoke my senses. I was shooting photos and writing posts like a tourist and I loved every second of it. 

BlogTour is becoming a social media giant.

In the cold world of analytics, eyeballs and clicks - Veronika, Tim and Erin are creating a social media phenomena in BlogTour. I don’t have their numbers offhand but there are few communities of professionals more ​active than interior designers and home decor brands. Becoming part of it as a sponsor, an event on tour, a designer on tour, or even just a watcher on twitter/instagram is to take part in one of the most important conversations going on in our industry. 

Second thing you need to know - BlogTour is the future of our industry.

The design services industry is going through rapid changes. Soon, the world of blogs and social media will be the primary source of information for people interested in design and home decor. Forward thinking brands already recognize this, but soon every home decor brand will realize that its this community of online tastemakers who are the most important to win if they’re product is going to make a dent in the market.  The team at Modenus recognizes this and is making the future now. ​

BlogTour is coming to NYC. I hope I get the chance to meet up with this terrific group of bloggers and hear their take on my home town.​

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I have no design background. I built my first house when I was 16 years old – I was with my step dad – we washed our clothes in a concrete mixer – but I wanted to learn.

Christopher Guy - During his talk for the BlogTour Participants

I haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk about the talk we had with Christopher Guy while on BlogTour. Speaking as someone who doesn’t build furniture, I can tell you I was utterly blown away by the drive one man has to build a global empire. It seemed to me his career was is the marriage of creativity with entrepreneurial drive. 

I found it inspirational that someone could put so much of themselves in their work and build something that they were both passionate about and deeply committed to growing into the future. Mr. Guy was a fantastic speaker and very kind to all of us and showed a great deal of humility, a rare thing in a global CEO. 

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