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Caux Collective Redirects: United Visual Artists

The stunning installation you see here was created following an innovative pursuit of depicting time without using any traditional means of measurement. London-based Art and Design practice, United Visual Artists (UVA), sought to create a piece of art which could effectively show the passing of time, whilst also eradicating the need to use seconds, minutes or hours.

If you would like to read this post in it’s entirety, featuring further analysis and links to other relevant work, please visit my post on Inspirez.

So this is amazing….

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My dance project was an experiment in Discovering Color. This installation takes the idea about 14 levels higher. 


Stratachromes David Spriggs

Red, Green and Blue are three installations by Canadian/UK artist, David Spriggs that continue the artist’s exploration of the physicality and spatial perception of colour. In his work, Spriggs examines the particular symbolic, perceptual, social, political, and historical connotations attached to individual colours. All the installations shown are acrylic on layered transparent film, for more detail about each installation visit the artists’ website.

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A 3D Thread Based Installation

Jeongmoon Choi is does this amazing light based installation that really brings out the geometrics of art. The blue room has an eerie feel to it, Ms. Choi makes the atmosphere synonymous with a light show. The crazy beautiful display of lines hitting every where; her fields of three-dimensional lines are installed in place and lit with ultraviolet light to create interactive environments. Ms. Choi is actually showcasing her work at the Gallerie Laurent Mueller in Paris on January 26th.

This installation features luminescent thread in a variety of geometric shapes. MIND BLOWN. 

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A Study of Who is a collaboration between State of Flux and the poet Anna Mae Selby depicting the five stages of grief in a scenography inherently designed and implemented by Nocte.
By using different lighting setups and dispositions for each consecutively revealed element, every scene of the choreography is accentuated in its various settings.

This amazing installation is explores the stage of grief through poetry and light.

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Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromosaturations

Venezuelan born, Paris working installation artist and painter Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturation (1969) series presents an idea that simple cues can lead to an entire system of thoughts, beliefs and sensitivities. 22 cabins made of red, blue, and green Plexiglass are positioned in three separate monochromatic chambers, which combine together to trigger the retina to experience a full spectrum of color and light.  Engaging the viewer on a visceral and visual level, this type of installation in 1969 was undoubtedly quite refreshing against a climate of context oriented art.

Enter this installation of light and color to get a sense for how both deeply affect us. 

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