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United Airlines has announced the launch of a new business tool for corporate cargo customers to track and offset the emissions associated with their air freight accounts…
More here.

United Airlines has announced the launch of a new business tool for corporate cargo customers to track and offset the emissions associated with their air freight accounts…

More here.

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The truth is that it is no more possible to pursue a non-political strategy of public engagement on climate change (especially in the US and Australia) than it is to issue a neutral statement about abortion or GM crops. In all cases, the science is interwoven with political implications. The climate change consensus must always be communicated by someone, and that someone will always come loaded with cultural baggage
Who Cares About Climate Change Consensus

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced today that his company will not “initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.” In plain English, that means that if other car companies want to produce electric cars, they can use Tesla’s technology to do it, and, in turn, advance Musk’s sustainability vision.
Telsa Motors just gave away it’s patents in pursuit of more rapid EV adoption. 

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A Note on Passion

I sent this tweet yesterday. While it was true, I have a tinge of regret about sending it. It was a reference to being very busy for the next couple of days. 

In reality, I’m glad I’m this busy. I’m glad that I will be spending my day going from sustainability conferences to client meetings. I’m really glad that the bulk of my work today is about reducing energy consumption

Sure, I have impossible deadlines and too much email to deal with, but at the end of the day. I love what I’m working on. 

It’s that passion that sustains me. 

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Whenever I am asked about #sustainability (the why bother?) question. I always respond the same way. I am incredibly optimistic.

Every day my my industry makes incredible strides to make more high quality light using less energy. Everyday engineers in solar make more efficient panels, every day we find new ways to encourage people to think about sustainability. 

If you ask me, yes we have big problems to solve, but there’s no reason to think we won’t solve them. 

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But we are full accomplices in this conspiracy of fools. Energy companies and their geo-political sponsors are only as powerful as we, their customers, allow them to be. We demand cheap natural resources and presume that we are entitled to cheap energy. Despite knowing better, we believe that we deserve to live with the convenience of kings (instant food, instant transport, instant delivery, instant stuff) at insanely cheap prices. And every day, advertisements confirm our sense of entitlement.

This notion of our own entitlement to cheap consumption is the fundamental fallacy of 21st century commerce. It has given too much power to tyrants, too much power to corrupt politicians, and too much power to business people of bad faith. It is robbing our children of a livable world, politically and environmentally.

It’s far too high a price.

Amy Larkin writing in the Guardian.

We are quick to blame every major corporation, every oil company, but they are in competition to serve our material desire. Thoughts?

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The Internet of Things Could Be Bad for the Environment


Klint Finley


A bit more contrarianism from me at Wired today:

The pitch is that the Internet of Things will make our world a greener place. Environmental sensors can detect pollution, the voices say. Smart thermostats can help us save money on our electric bills. A new breed of…

I don’t think I buy this argument. This is just progress marching. Smartphones are bad for the environment, but we can’t go backward. The only way forward to make the next wave of technology more sustainable than the previous.

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